The Association for Young Children Europe (AYCE) is an international organization committed to enriching the professional practice of adults working on behalf of young children in Europe. AYCE is dedicated to building public awareness of the importance of high quality early childhood care and education.  AYCE fosters current theory and developmentally appropriate practice in the field. Finally, it serves as an advocate for early childhood professionals in Europe.

The members of AYCE are from Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.  AYCE is a culturally diverse organization of teachers, caregivers, educators, administrators, trainers, consultants, social workers, health specialists, local nationals, and parents, all living and working in Europe.

AYCE holds an annual conference in the Spring to bring together those working for and interested in the education and well-being of young children. Through workshops, discussions, and informal meetings,  the conference provides AYCE members with opportunities to discuss current theory and practice and to engage in an exchange of diverse and enriching experiences.



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