President's Message

As President, I look forward to working with AYCE members and the Board of Directors who are deeply committed to fostering the organization's mission, to bringing expertise in key areas, and to representing diverse perspectives through careful planning. The AYCE nominations and election process seeks to recruit and elect qualified leaders who will further our commitment to be a high-performing, inclusive organization that promotes excellence in early education for all young children.

The Governing Board uses policy governance as its framework for decision making. Thus the Board sets policies, establishes benchmarks to measure progress, and allocates resources. By law, Board members are obligated to 1) act only in the best interests of the Association and to avoid conflicts of interest; 2) act honestly, in good faith, and on an informed basis when making decisions; and 3) pursue the objectives of the Association's mission. AYCE deeply appreciates the elected members who accept these obligations to serve as stewards of the Association.

AYCE Governing Board culture is characterized by full and open participation by all members and senior staff. We believe that this approach maximizes group energy to address major issues facing our profession and organization. We rely upon diverse perspectives to reach well-informed decisions that further our mission.

The 2018 AYCE Annual Conference will be held the 23-24th of March at the Armstrong's Club on Vogelweh Housing Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany. We are always seeking volunteers for their ability to consider objectively the variety of perspectives, challenges, and choices inherent in the decisions affecting the Association's future. We ask that they demonstrate strong leadership, commitment, and contributions to the field of early childhood education and in assuring the well-being of all young children.

I look forward to working with you throughout the year and seeing each and every one of you at the 2018 Conference.

Clorissa Rickman